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I am on a mission with divine guidance to spread love & uplift hearts!


From There To Here

I am a life long musician/songwriter and this is my second CD of music that is meant to inspire. The first, A Call to Conscience, expressed love and angst in response to the world's ills. My newly released CD, Love of My Life, is an expression of my relationship with the solution to the world's ills. God.

Before I could play an instrument I was trying to write songs. One of my first compositions at around 11 years old had the lyric, "The world is aching and breaking down". Sounds like a real happy kid right? Looking back from my present perspective it confirms my belief that I am on a mission and I am being guided. I grew up as a "superficial Christian". Attending Sunday school and church but never really connecting to or having a relationship with God. I was impressed by Jesus and come to believe he was a great being and one of the incarnations of God.

I was and remain a seeker of truth. After my family's church building was accidentally burned down by my father (he was a caretaker of some sort) the church never recovered. When Jehovah's Witnesses came to my home I invited them in to be convinced of the existence of God. They were unsuccessful, and after many years of living in a violent alcoholic home I was not looking to, or even thinking of God. From where I stood, God had no interest in me or my well being. 

I was, for the most part, left to my own devices and sometimes found myself in precarious and even dangerous situations. I was easily prone to what I would refer to as "justifiable violence". Sometimes it was, as in the several times I would stand up for others who were being threatened by stronger bully types. Sometimes it wasn't. I was full of rage and anger that was kept just below the surface.

After surviving my horrendous childhood, I got my "act" together and presented to the world a clean cut, personable  and reliable person. Underneath, I was a confused and angry man in need of help. Counseling was the beginning of my journey back to God. I got married, started a family and a successful music entertainment business. Things were going well but there was something still missing. I continued on my search for Truth by studying our political history and current events in depth. I came to know that most of what we had been told or taught was not true. As I grappled with my disbelief at what I discovered and then anger discovering we had been duped as a people, I still held on to my love…barely. This eventually resulted in me creating my first CD. By the time I started recording that CD, I had  investigated a few different spiritual practices. I hadn't found anything that really spoke to me, and then one of the recording engineers gave me a book entitled, "Discourses", by the Spiritual Master Meher Baba.  When I began reading that book, I knew my search was over. This new CD represents my personal relationship with God via Meher Baba, who I believe was a great being and like Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna was God Incarnate. 

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